Tuesday, 21 February 2017

For PCS, IMACERT is the Distributor of PECB Products (www.pecb.org)

  • Registred in the United States & Canada
  • PECB is accredited by ANSI under ISO 17024
  • PECB is World leader in ISO 27001 certified training
  • Network of partners in 80 countries
  • Launch in 2011 of certification schemes for people on the main standards of management systems
  • Training offered in over 60 countries and five languages in 2013
  • Growth in the number of certificate (certifying more than 5000 people/year)


Help clients manage the complex realm of security needs.

The main services distributed from our partners are:

  •  Governance, risk and compliance
  •  Data risk management
  •  Infrastructure protection management



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